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Flex:trial - unique program allows You to try hearing aids for free
Follow Your own experience before you decide to buy hearing aid.

Flex:trial -  program allows to try hearing aids for 2 weeks for free, You can bring any hearing aid home, which is recommended by OPERA hearing prosthetic specialist. You can try hearing aid in various situation, before decide to buy it!

Use program, which allows to try hearing aids for free Flex:trial - try hearing aids in various situation before You decide to buy! It helps You to choose the best hearing aid for Your lifestyle, without worries, that bought inappropriate, inappropriate technology, or even used device. Flex:trial  program has special hearing aids, which allow to try and change technology level without substitute hearing aid itself. Special hearing aids are programmed exactly for two weeks, for smooth working and possibility to fell that innovative hearing aid can change your hearing and your life quality in a better way.

Flex:trial – Your freedom to decide without any risk

The following UNITRON hearing aids family can be tested in a free trial program:

Clients experience after Flex:trial program

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