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Klausos testas RU

Daugeliu atveju klausa silpsta palaipsniui ir nepastebimai. Šis klausos testas  - tai pirmas žingsnis, kuris padės Jums suvokti, ar Jūs gerai girdite.

Klausos testas yra skirtas tik pradiniam klausos įvertinimui, jis neatstoja klausos specialisto atlikto profesionalaus klausos tyrimo ir diagnozės.

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Klausos testas
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Test results shows that your hearing is good. Please keep in mind that this hearing test is only for initial hearing assessment, it doesn’t replace the professional hearing test and diagnosis performed by the hearing specialist.

Не всё в порядке

The results show that you are possibly suffering from a hearing problem. We recommend you contacting hearing specialist for a professional hearing test. Don’t be afraid of your hearing test! A professional hearing test is fast and completely painless. A specialist will advise you how to improve your hearing. If you are diagnosed with hearing loss, your specialist will explain the type of hearing loss you have and introduce you to all the possibilities of hearing rehabilitation.

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You will get more detailed information during Your visit at our hearing specialist.
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