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Care products
Special care products for the perfect working of hearing aid

 Hearing aid care and maintenance

Hearing aid is a complex electronic device. Although it is made with a certain material for maximum protection, your hearing aid can be damaged easily if not taken care the right way. Daily maintenance routines will help you get the best performance and value from your hearing aid. It only takes a few minutes a day and will extend the life of your hearing aid.

We offer lots of useful products to help you take care of your hearing aids. You can always find them at the nearest OPERA hearing center.

Cedis Cleaning and Drying Set eSET11 for Open Fit Hearing Systems

Open fit hearing systems require special cleaning and drying products. The comprehensive care Cedis® set, packed in an attractive transparent bag, for the cleaning and drying of open fit hearing aids. Suitable for all kinds of established slim tubes!

Cedis e30 DUS Electric Hygiene Station

Cedis e30 DUS Electric Hygiene Station for gentle drying, hygienic certainty and safe keeping of your hearing systems.

Cedis Drying Capsules eD2.3

Cedis® drying capsules for removal of condensation from hearing aids and individual earmolds.

Universal Cleaning Kit

Universal UNITRON Cleaning Kit for all types of hearing aids for daily maintenance.

Cedis Disinfectant Spray with Atomizer eC3.7

Ready-made spray for cleaning and disinfecting hearing aids and individual earmolds.

Cedis - Gel eSC2.3 with Aloe Vera

The gel with Aloe Vera to prevent irritations.

“Cerustop” Filters

“Cerustop” Filters to protect hearing aids with the receiver-in- canal  (RIC) from earwax getting inside hearing aids.

UNITRON Batteries

Suitable for hearing aids of all manufacturers.

Pack of 6 Pcs.

The standard sizes of the hearing aid batteries are 10, 13, 312 and 675.

If the battery changing bothering you, you can buy a Battery Charger for Hearing Aids!*

Battery Tester

This small and easy to use battery tester will help you to determine approximately how much power is left in the hearing aid batteries.



Behind-the-ear hearing aids care 

In-the-ear hearing aids care 

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