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Hearing aids by installments

Why is it worth to buy by installment over “SB Leasing“?

  • There is no age limit;
  • Your chances of getting credit can be evaluated at OPERA hearing centre immediately upon providing the required data;
  • If you are a client of “SB Leasing“, you will receive a discount interest for the new lease contract*;
  • The minimum documentation required for a credit and the conditions are attractive;
  • You will be able to use  one of the widest payments collection network in Lithuania;
  • You will get a credit from 30 up to 6000 Euros and you can select payment terms from 3 months up to 3 years;
  • Choose the most convenient day for your payments’ and pay the same amount each month;
  • There are no hidden fees;

*Discount applies to customers who have pursued adequately and timely in accordance with the last contract paid in full its obligations. Shares of contract conditions, discounts are not addable.

Who can buy by installment?

  • Employees;
  • Pensioners;
  • Officers;
  • The owner of a sole proprietorship, people working under a business license/under individual activity certificate;
  • An assessment of both spouses is possible;

If you want to buy a hearing aid by installment, you must have one of the identity documents:

  • A valid citizen's Passport of the Republic of Lithuania;
  • Identity card (ID) of the Republic of Lithuania.
You will get more detailed information during Your visit at our hearing specialist.
Please address the closest hearing center
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